Past Fun FaithKids Events

We give thanks for all ye who joined in our 2nd Annual 2012 Madrigal Christmas Celebration!

Much joy was had by all of our brave knights and ladies who gallently completed three quests as they sought the true treasure of Christmas!

Of those 20 children who attended, each was knighted and able to proved their strength during a Joust and friendly sword play for which they received a reward of Gold from King Marc. They then showed true courage as they crossed an alligator infested swamp to face a thieving sorceress and tame a hungry dragon, all to retrieve the treasure of Myrrh for a damsel in distress. Their creativity and wisdom was then challenged and rewarded with Frankincense as they heard tell tales of old and created works of art.

Having persevered through these many quests the entire royal court of the Kingdom of FaithKids followed in the footsteps of the Magi so that they could present their gifts to the newborn King of Kings.

Although challenged by King Herrod, they continued to follow the star until they discovered that the true Christmas treasure was the love of God given in the form of the newborn baby Jesus!


This past Sunday School year, FaithKids collected offering monies each Sunday to go toward the ELCA Good Gifts that provide Life-Giving Clean Water to people around the world who need it. We have collected over $900 to go toward the purchase of water-related gifts that make a difference.

Here is what we can buy:

  • For $12 we can purchase 6 large durable water jugs for transporting water

  • For $50 Water purification tablets to make water safe to drink

  • For $150 Irrigation canal to help rural farmers during a draught

  • For $250 A share of a water well that helps a community of 500 construct and maintain its own source of water.

A great big Thank You for helping our neighbors around the world!

For the 2010-2011 school year our FaithKids offering went towards the ELCA Good Gifts program called God's Global Barnyard.  We collected over $1500 to purchase one cow (worth $500), two goats, two pigs, two sheep, two fish farms, and dozens of chicks to support sustainable living for those in need around the world.  The 5th & 6th grade Sunday School class sewed 9 quilts and assembled 37 health kits to go to Lutheran World Relief to help refugee families in need.  Service projects excite our kids and bring them together for a common purpose -- to share the love of Jesus with those in need around the world. 

First Communion Instruction with Pastor Jean

During the season of Lent, Faith traditionally invites 3rd graders* to First Communion Instruction.  Pastor Jean leads this one day "retreat" to explain the mystery of the sacrament of Holy Communion, prepare students to come to the table and experience their first communion.  All will learn about the history of this sacrament, the elements of bread and wine and their significance, and the sacrifice of Jesus, the Lamb of God.  The baking of communion bread is also a part of this retreat.

* At Faith we recognize that young poeple may be ready to receive the sacrament at different ages.  Traditionally 3rd grade is the age to host a First Communion Class;  however, if your child has been asking questions or shows a readiness to receive communion, we invite you to contact Pastor Jean to discuss First Communion Instruction.  If your child is older than 3rd grade, he or she is welcome to attend this retreat.  Again, please contact Pastor Jean to confirm attendance.  Thank You!

AFRICA DAY is still echoing in our ears!

Thanks to Pastor Jean – for her slide show presentation, to Bob Hartz – for leading us in African songs, and to Rebekah Brenner – for leading us in a drum circle. We played many and various percussion instruments and had a great time making noise! Special thanks to Amanda Hyter for providing refreshments for the parents during the drum circle jam session!

* Pictures are posted at Church and soon to be online!

Much Merriment was had by all those who attended our first ever FaithKids Madrigal Party in December 2011.

We had nearly 30 young Ladies and Squires who dressed the part and joined in medieval games, crafts and fun!  King Marc taught them the Knight’s Code of Chivalry to honor God, their King and Ladies/fellow Knights before themselves.

The children crafted swords and created their own coat of arms for their shields. Girls had their hair braided by Queen Tracy and all made crowns to remember how Christ was born to be the King of Kings! Princess Emma taught them a medieval dance, while Prince Joseph schooled them in the arts of fencing. Then a medieval snack was enjoyed by all!

In a Royal Christmas celebration of olde, a tournament was held where all were made Knights of the Realm!  Our young knights (both boys and girls) bravely joined in a joust and then crossed an alligator infested moat in order to slay a cranky dragon that guarded a castle full of treasure! Huzzah!


Lady Dineen Dowling & Lady Amanda Hyter thank all those who heard the cry of Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  and took part in our FaithKids Royal Christmas Court!

*All good will donations that were given went towards the FaithKids offering for the ELCA Clean Water Project. Thank you for your support of this ministry!