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Discussion Questions for Nov. 21, 2017

Field of Prey by John Sandford




1. We learn about R.A. and Horn early in the story.  So is Field of Prey a “who-done-it” murder mystery?



2. Some clues (leads, guesses, instincts, etc.) lead nowhere.  Others are productive.  Name one clue in each category.



3. Name one of the subplots.  Do the subplots detract from the rest of the book?  Why do you suppose that Sandford includes them?



4. Sandford has scenes in the book where the media becomes an impediment to the investigation, spins the facts the wrong way, or outright distorts the truth.  Name an example of this.  To the extent that these scenes are representative of today’s media, is there a counter-argument to what appears to be Sandford’s social commentary?


5. What is the turning point in the story…..where the case starts heading in the right direction—to a satisfactory conclusion?



6. Davenport and Mattson make up a story to hide the fact that Mattson intentionally killed R.A.  How does this deception sit with you?  


7. If you accept that Field of Prey is a serious look at evil personified, what are your thoughts about the nature of evil in the world?


8. The end of the novel has a gruesome scene.  How did you react to that?!