3 Year Old Classes

3 Year Old Classes
Here's a quick peak into how our year in the 3 year old class will go!

The Threes classes are an exciting time for you three year old! Many are being introduced to what a preschool class experience is all about, meeting a small group of children that will be their friends throughout the year, and the many activities that happen that will encourage growing together and hopefully be the beginning of a lifelong love for learning.

    You will receive a monthly “Snack Calendar” and Newsletter, and weekly Lesson Plans to help parents with information on the themes, activities, books, songs and upcoming important dates on special events.   


September themes will include All about me,  Friends, Growing.  We will have a Field Trip around the end of the month, so look for details in the upcoming Newsletter.


October we will talk about Fall, Farm Animals, Pumpkins and Scarecrows and finish off with our Halloween Party.  We have the option for parents to meet with teachers at this time if you would like to talk about how your child is doing with classroom routines, etc..


November will have themes about Family, Thanksgiving and Sharing.

We will have a special day where your child can invite a family member they would like to share a special snack with.


December we will discuss Christmas, Christmas Traditions, Giving and we will have a class party which will include a time for parents to join in to hear some songs the children have been learning.



After our Christmas break, in January will bring themes about Bears in Winter, Snowmen (hopefully we have snow! ), Penguins, and Friendships. We will work on writing  letters and names, as each child is able and ready.


February will include discussing about Transportation, Hearts and Hands, Helpers in our Community.  There will be the Valentine's Party as well, where children will bring a Valentine's card for each friend in class.


March themes will be around authors, such as Dr. Seuss,  Eric Carle and the author of the Pete the Cat books.  Please plan on meeting with your teacher during our Parent Conferences, and I will share with you examples of your child's skills as they have grown during the year.


April will bring us Easter Celebration, Spring, Insects, Frogs in the Pond.


May brings our celebration of Moms, Zoo Animals, and Ocean Life as well as the End of the year activities, including a Zoo Trip for a Preschool Program, and the Last Day Funday.  
I look forward to seeing your child learn and grow together with their friends!