Philosophy & Parent Reviews


  • To be an extension of family & church
  • To assist preschoolers in developing socially and emotionally
  • To foster age-appropriate physical and intellectual development
  • To encourage spiritual growth
Faith Preschool's Philosophy

Preschool should be a positive educational experience that fosters a strong sense of self-worth and helps each child to build a healthy self-concept.  It’s a time to develop an absolute love of learning, a feeling of acceptance and a sense that anything is possible.

Children will be able to learn and discover free of pressure to achieve, while reserving more formal academic learning for the elementary school years. We want children to come to know that learning can be exciting and fun.

Children’s play is the avenue through which a variety of learning experiences occur and is essential to healthy development.  Therefore, children are encouraged to select their own play activities in a variety of learning-interest centers during the free play period each day.

We shall strive to work with each child on his/her own developmental level in a loving, Christian atmosphere, respecting the individual differences of each child.

We also feel at Faith Preschool that parental involvement and input are vitally important in helping us to provide a positive, successful early learning experience for each child.

Glimpses into what Faith Preschool has to Offer & Parents Reviews!


Faith offers lessons about God’s love for everyone using age-appropriate bible stories, crafts and songs.


“I think Faith is exactly what preschool should be…a warm, positive beginning to a life of learning!” -Parent
Faith offers exciting weekly themes that help make learning letters, numbers and social skills fun!
“Faith Preschool has been such a blessing.  The teachers are so kind and compassionate.  The meet the children where they need to learn!  Each day/week there is always something exciting going on in the classroom” -Parent
Faith focuses on little friends learning new skills through circle time, art & creative free play.
“I am extremely impressed with my daughter's progress over her last 2 years at Faith.  She is way more ready for kindergarten than my son was (he went to a different preschool).  The difference is night and day.  I can't thank you all enough!” -Parent
At Faith, Children can also look forward to special guests & educational field trips, which make for unique learning opportunities.
“The extras Faith offers are wonderful!” -Parent
Faith promotes open communication between teachers and parents about lesson plans, your child's progress and the variety of opportunities parents have to get involved in the learning process.
“My daughter has had 3 wonderful years at Faith... caring knowledgeable teachers, combined with great programs and a dedicated director have helped prepare her for kindergarten.  She is excited about coming to school every day and has developed a love of learning thanks to Faith!” -Parent


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